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Tailors Notes | September 2019

Het merk

Ons land benaderd als merk, niet politiek, maar vanuit een management benadering. Na het boek ‘het Merk België’ is nu ook 'het Merk Nederland’ verschenen. Een samenwerking van WHY5Research en Mountain Design. Is Nederland een sterk merk? Zeker, maar wel een merk dat zijn oriëntatie kwijt is. Het gebrek aan een purpose is de kloof tussen de werknemers en het management van deze BV.

Meer weten?! Download de pdf van ‘Het Merk Nederland’ hier.

Tailors Notes | September 2016

Revitalising the product.

De Kuyper's Bessenjenever was made relevant again for young women in Germany. Now being redesigned, the label looks modern and edgy. The pin-up tattoo symbolizes sweetness and cheekyness at the same time. The printing technique shows a matt label with gold foil elements which adds to the premium look and feel of the product.

Tailors Notes | October 2015

Create your
own Soup.

We are very proud to announce that we have joined forces with the people at KraftHeinz to work on our old 'friend' Honig! The first results of this successful collaboration can be found in stores now! With the addition of "Honig Soep Creatie" there is a new, easy and natural way to start creating your own home made soup.

Tailors Notes | October 2015

A new start
of the day!

New in the Brinta assortment is "Havermout".
This simple and honest start of the day is ready and served within 2 minutes!

Tailors Notes | September 2015

Big Sam's

Big Sam's is a delicious range of sauces and marinades developed by De Wijndragers. All products are made with the best natural ingredients.

Mountain created the characteristic and bold packaging design, which enhances the real and authentic flavour of all barbecue products. Specifically for the real barbecue 'chef'.

Tailors Notes | January 2015


The French magazine LSA devoted to retail trends and mass consumption, rewarded 'our' Cubanisto with an LSA award. The magazine rewards retail and industry professionals responsible for innovative products, concepts or marketing plans.

Cubanisto did also wins an international design award: the Silver Pentaward for the packaging design. And also category winner of the Dutch Packaging Awards. So proud of this result!