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a greater

Music Mayday, International

Creating for a greater purpose

Helps young people in Africa develop their creative and artistic talents.

So they can have better opportunities in life and contribute to a better world.

An identity with a good cause.



Ferro, The Netherlands

Springboard Booster

Ferro Explore! is specialized in qualitative research. Their purpose is to support the perfomance of brands in inspiring and innovative way. With a strong focus on simplicity. So therefore we developed a visual identity wich reflects these values and changes the visual codes in the category of qualitative research.


the innovators

Fresh Forward, The Netherlands

Rejuvenating the innovators

Creating a world of illusions as a sign of next level thinking.

of life

VanLanschot, The Netherlands

Managing different stages of life

The oldest independent bank in the Netherlands needed a more contemporary look and feel. So we joined hands to merge old and new. We introduced a new colour scheme of fresh green, silver grey and dark blue and maintained their heritage by showcasing their original family shield. Our first corporate client. The work we carried out on their behalf still holds a special place in our hearts, and theirs too.

sports to
the kids

Coca-Cola Nederland, International

Bringing sports to the kids

Mission Olympic is the biggest youth sports platform in the Netherlands. On a mission to inspire Dutch youth about all kinds of sports, they needed a visual identity that encapsulated the diversity in sports and the energy of young people.

By placing graphic sporting icons onto a bold red globe, we drew a link between sports and their places of origin around the world, creating a warm and energetic identity to match the active nature of the organization.


Dunea, The Netherlands

Making people proud

Dunea uses the dunes in Holland to supply drinking water. We were asked to design a new corporate identity, so we decided to use one of the world’s best-known amphibians to reflect the strength of their ambition to keep the dunes clean.

Our illustration of a frog carries two clean lines on its back, representing pure water and sand.




IMC, The Netherlands

Using your identity to attract financial talent

In today’s world financial brands do not only have to feel authentic, but they must be so too. To capture the mentality of the people who carry the brand, we sent 24 IMC traders around the globe on a Photo Safari. The result is a corporate identity that connects with their values: precise, dynamic and emphatic.

a market

Meelunie, The Netherlands

Activating a market perspective

A classic b2b company that needed to gain up. We created a logo, reflecting the flow in the trading environment and the central position that Meelunie holds. The earthy colour scheme together with stunning aerial photography and portraits of the traders, expresses their expertise and know-how in a confident way.