Client / New Forrest
Project / Kwekkeboom Oven
Category / packaging design

The classic brand Kwekkeboom re-invented the Dutch snacking category by introducing a range of snacks that can be prepared in the oven instead of in the traditional deep fryer. Tasty, easy to make, and of course healthier.


The Kwekkeboom team asked Mountain to come up with an identity and packaging design for their Oven range. This identity would not only promote this new way of snacking, but also make a statement that breaks the current concepts about snacks. We were also heavily involved in developing an innovation funnel, and with great success!

The first thing we did was choose the a-typical purple color and different type of pack to create instant brand recognition and shelf impact. A choice that has had a huge impact. Purple has since become category-defining for oven snacks. We also subjected the logo to a major upgrade. A complete assignment with an astonishing result.


The impact was so great that Kwekkeboom was richly rewarded by winning several retail awards as well as design awards. Like the Dutch Golden Wheel of Retail for the best product introduction.