Client / Fresh Forward
Project / new identity
Category / corporate design & visual identity

LUNAR is a training institute, a community for free minds, innovators, and the architects of the future. For leaders who see opportunities and are positive about change and progress. Lunar is for those who make an impact by cleverly combining knowledge, both modern and classic style. Knowledge is not the only thing that is needed and 'legitimized' in traditional leadership training. Leadership also includes new, untapped, and unexpected relevant knowledge. In this context, new perspectives arise for tackling burning issues of people and organizations in a different way. This requires an identity.


Because it offers access to a selected group, there is something mysterious about Lunar. That is why the logo is made up of a broad mix of symbols and typography. The star and the unusual typography are slightly alienating.


The rest of the style is a combination of classic, inspiring illustrations and photography. Matching the inspiration and mystique of Lunar. Everything can be combined; that’s when new insights and ideas arise. No clichés, but rather find inspiration in the unusual and unexpected.