Client / Vrumona (Heineken)
Project / Sourcy water restyle
Category / packaging & Identity design


Sourcy is a proud mineral water brand that obtains its water directly from a Dutch source. Sourcy has been bottling this water for more than three decades, making it one of the best-known mineral water brands in the Netherlands. Sourcy is a naturally pure and refreshing water that is available in a wide variety of types and flavors.

Sourcy consulted us about their lack of identity in store. We recognized that the brand lacked a clear stand-out and was mainly driven by category codes. We advised to make the majestic blue color more important together with enlarging the logo. This would result into a highly recognizable brand identity. Strengthening and increasing the flavor colors, and the ingredients, provide an even more recognizable fresh look.


We have integrated Vitamin Water of Sourcy into the brand identity as well. But it didn't stop there. We were also allowed to expand the entire identity to a world around the brand. The new world of Sourcy.