Client / Valor Frisch
Project / new identity
Category / corporate design & visual identity


Ever wondered where those deliciously sweet tiny tomatoes come from? Somewhere located in the dynamic Westland, you can find one of the best tomato growers in the world. A modern family business with an unprecedented amount of passion and experience when it comes to growing quality tomatoes.

Valor Frisch is a business initiative of top grower Looye in collaboration with Valstar (Best Fresh Group) in the German market. Valor Frisch offers top quality tomatoes with unique, intrinsic, and functional benefits. They also give advice on marketing and sales in the German market. So Valor Frisch is not only a good product, but also represents a rich knowledge of the tomato market.


The Valor Frisch's logo is characterised by the letter "O" symbolising the tomato rising proudly above the word mark. It represents the extra attention, knowledge, and love for the tomato. The end result surpassed the client's needs, therefore we are proud to have been able to create this special and strong visual identity for Valor Frisch.