Client / Akkerlust
Project / ice cream
Category / packaging design

This project was so much fun. Demi, the owner of the Ladies of Akkerlust, is a young ambitious and passionate woman from Stompwijk. She and her husband run a farm with beautiful dairy cows. 

One day she decided to start making ice cream. And not without merit. Truly delicious. Enriched with pure ingredients and made in a traditional and sustainable way. Initially the product was for sale as a local product at the farm.

Until she asked for our help to enable the boost of her business enabling growth. We noticed that she did not only possess ice cream, but also gold in her hands. This requires a striking story, name, brand identity, and of course great packaging.

The name originated as an ode to the beautiful dairy cows that produce fresh milk every day. We put them in the spotlight. Because no cow, no milk. No milk, no ice cream. You must check these ladies out.


Now it has become a cheerful, fresh and powerful brand. Basically, a reflection of Demi and her ladies. 
You can taste the love for the process and the project in all 7 flavors. Dutch at its best. 

Thank you, ladies!