Client / Maxeda DIY Group
Project / Perfection
Category / Packaging design

Pile of paint buckets

Perfection is a paint brand of the Maxeda DIY Group (Praxis and Brico-B). It meets all professional standards; it covers well and it's a pleasure to work with. The gigantic assortment of colors, paintbrushes, rollers and other painting tools are affordable and made of great quality.

Perfection had to be built from scratch, into a brand that had a clear story and was easy to translate across the entire range. In addition, it had to emit the right quality in all communications. That started with a clear brand positioning, a strong visual identity, and a striking logo.


The line or signature in the logo refers to the hand of the master: The best there is. Combined with the font, it tells a story of classical craftsmanship. Partly by framing it on an imaginary label with a subtle line pattern, often placed on a tasteful modern background color, the look has even more class. Success lies in this classical simplicity.

You see and feel the finesse! Exactly as you would want to find in your own painting. There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying a good result. Certainly for those who need a little bit of extra help within the DIY department.