Client / Superunie
Project / G'woon thee
Category / Packaging design


g'woon is a private brand of the organization Superunie that can be found in several supermarket chains. It consists of a rich and versatile range of daily products affordable for anyone. The g’woon products reflect the day to day moments in life that we all know and recognize. Always able to give you a smile. The brand has been around for a while, therefore there was already a base to build upon. It was well put together, but also needed an upgrade. A challenge that gave good insight into our expertise and experience.

Let's look at the tea range as an example.
Firstly, we improved the branding and reading sequence. The characteristic of g'woon is the setting of the product in daily use and the striking use of color. Of course, we reworked the unmistakable sentences with a slight twist along with an interesting image. In the shadow of the cup, we tell a story that matches the taste or type of tea and connects to the g’woon message.


With this packaging we hope to enrich the tea with more experience and depth. It supports the character of the products in a unique way. And it makes the packaging more exciting and fun to look at. Especially when you know that every tea has its own shadow.