Client / UDEA
Project / The Ice Cream Factory
Category / Packaging design & Visual Identity

The Ice Cream Factory has been making the best organic ice cream for almost 20 years. With organic ingredients straight from nature, they continue to surprise us. The ice cream masters monitor the quality with a lot of care and they are always looking for new types and flavors.

The products and formula of The Ice Cream Factory has been a success for years. We were asked to take the entire identity and packaging to the next level, and it worked.


The first thing we wanted to achieve was to make the concept around this brand one that was logical, fun, tasty and fitting the brand image. We created a dynamic and colorful world using a graphic of a ‘conveyor belt' to bring the world of The Ice Cream Factory to life.

Throughout the whole brand identity, in advertisement, point of sale material, on the website and on the packaging, the Ice Cream Factory is the place where it all happens. The ingredients come straight from nature through the Ice Cream Factory into your ice cream.


The range consists of ice cream, fruity ice and vegan ice. Each range has its own look and feel within the family. Sometimes playful and sometimes modest. It depends on the type of flavour, but the consistent look connects the brand in all aspects. 100% Pure & Natural and most of all fun & tasty.