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I am currently reading the book ‘Thrive, fundamentals for a new economy’. It brings me insights to how brands adapt to the new world. As an entrepreneur in creativity, I will always challenge an identity and its fit with the timeframe.


I have been playing ice hockey for over 30 years now.
It’s an explosive and technical sport that requires good physical condition; especially when you want to give a nice body check. This sport is all about teamwork and that has taught me a lot as a strategist.

Mathematics and everything that comes with it has been my passion since childhood. It’s a handy second nature to be able to manage the complex creative processes of projects and getting things done on time. The world of design is very abstract, but sometimes it needs some concreteness.

I am an art collector.
When an eye-catcher pops up, I want it. A good piece of art has to touch me through its inherent beauty and tell me a story. I strive to do the same thing when I’m creating a brand identity or a design.