Mountain on brand story development


We Are Mountain. We are Brand Tailors because every brand needs a tailored solution to be successful.


Concepting opens a world of inspiration and opportunities. Combining the world around us as the foundation of our inspiration with the business challenge to steer the practicality of solutions. This generates opportunities that are aspiring in their thinking and feasible in their execution.

A great concept starts with a clearly defined plan of approach based on understanding the clients wishes combined with the aspiration of the world around us. If we are able to connect that spark of magic to the reality of the project, something magical can happen.

Concepting for us is not just limited to design work. Concepting can also be the starting point of the exploration of the possibilities of a brand in relation to trends, business strategy, innovation and brand story development. The power of great concepting is a lot bigger than is often thought. It gives us as brand tailors at Mountain the possibility to discover new chances for brands earlier in the process.

Mountain Tools

To make sure we can help your brand effectively explore different ways of growing, we have developed our own set of strategic tools. With these tools we are able to help you define the right approach and come up with a wide set of answers to the challenge. In order to help you strengthen your brand story or find a new and inspiring brand story, we use our 5W1H for brand story development. It’s a tool to discover the essential elements of your brand’s story and combine these with the aspirational aspects that might combine into a great brand story that will capture the hearts of many.


The 5W1H question is based on a journalistic principle but is also very relevant when working with brands. If you are trying to find out where your best options are for growing your brand, try and answer the 5W1H questions with us so we can help you find a clear story for your brand. The answers might end up more surprising than you think in regard to your brand strategy, innovation, portfolio development and brand story development.

Below you will find two examples of cases where we have defined an inspiring brand story.