Mountain on corporate design


We are Mountain. We create powerful businesses because we believe that design is a fundamental part of growing a business


Design brings the world of aspiration and opportunities together in clear and powerful images that inspire, challenge, please and define brand identities. Identities that create an impact in being unique and effective in their essence to make sure that brands can be inspiring and successful.

Creating successful corporate design nowadays is a lot more than just creating a beautiful image. Design can be the answer to a number of questions related to business, brand and consumers. That’s why we look at design as an inspiring tool to help solve corporate design challenges and find a way to the hearts and minds of people. That’s why we believe that successful brands should bring a smile to the face of our clients. We love to challenge clients and ourselves in our corporate design projects to work on brief and on belief in order to come up with tailored solutions.

Mountain Tools

To make sure we can help your brand effectively explore different ways of growing, we have developed our own set of strategic tools. With these tools we are able to help you define the right approach and come up with a wide set of answers to the challenge. A crucial part of creating successful corporate design is finding a way to make your identity both inspiring and effective. That’s why we have developed our 5W1H tool to see what your brand story should be and how to bring it to life in the design of your brand.


The 5W1H question is based on a journalistic principle but is also very relevant when working with brands. If you are trying to find out where your best options are for creating relevance for your brand, try and answer the 5W1H questions with us so we can help you find a clear story for your brand. The answers might end up more surprising than you think in regard to your brand strategy and brand story that will be an integral part of the new corporate design of your brand.

Below you will find two examples of corporate design cases.