Vision on identity management

Vision paper 'New corporate cachet'

Mountain has developed a vision paper on modern identity management of organizations and organizational brands. This vision is the result of the experiences of Mountain and various experts in the field. The result is concrete insights that can add value in the field of vision, mission, brand management, design management and communication management.

Identity management of organizations and organizational brands was important, is important and will continue to be important. Only the role it now plays, the way in which its development and application takes place and the degree of dynamics involved is subject to change. Underlying this are aspects such as social developments, the shift from an information age to an augmented age, the increasing permacrisis, the lack of a clear narrative, the (more) dynamic business landscape of the 21st century and new ideas about leadership of organizations and management of brands.

Organizations are also increasingly confronted with disruptive developments and must be able to respond quickly or navigate through them sharply. There are no guarantees and falling behind means a rapid loss of value or even becoming obsolete.

'In a turbulent time, it is mainly your personal mentality that counts' is a tile wisdom that seems to be increasingly applicable. But how do you develop and manage the identity of organizations and organizational brands in a modern way in relation to vision, mission, brand management, design management and communication management? At Mountain they went looking for the answer and came to a number of interesting insights. Recently, these insights have also been tested at a number of medium-sized and large corporate organizations in profit and non-profit sectors, with positive reactions.

Mountain's reflection on the new corporate cachet of the 21st century is available as a short presentation for those interested. For this, you can contact Rik Keessen via email or mobile +31 (0)6 538 151 12.