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each decision supported by our concepting and design tools

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visual identity & corporate design

CocaCola Olympic Moves

Mountain Design creates visual identity and corporate design for Coca-Cola Olympic Moves platform.

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we work on brief and on belief

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1 December 2021

Do you really know what moves people today? The Mountain Trend View is our report on the latest consumer behavioural trends. It’s a deep dive into the ever-changing motivations people have to connect to brands and their products. A great insight to see what moves people which we would like to share with brands and help them find their audience. Are you interested in getting to know people better and are you a strategic marketeer? Get in touch and we are more than happy to meet with you and present our Mountain Motivational Trend View for free!

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Rik Keessen

commercial director

in need of a
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Rik Keessen

commercial director