We craft identities that set you apart. Based on strategic insights, we create appealing, but most of all inspiring stories and effective design solutions for your brand. A true identity is here to stay and impress. Always!

Mountain continues to look ahead and always dares to act. That is why Mountain and PROUD design have joined forces in the office in The Hague. Big news, because now we can offer our customers even more service and add more value to brand development.

Curious and can't wait to do great things?
Please contact André de Koning, andre@mountain.nl
or +31 (0)6 25 09 88 46

about us

We are the Brand Tailors.
Never heard of us? We create or change your identity so it fits perfectly to your brand and leaves the right impression.

We are a creative and strategy-driven mix of cosmopolitan thinkers, visionary strategists, born designers, storytellers, crazy artists, and unique inspirers.

We are a team of determined and hard workers. It's not always an easy mix, some designers are quite stubborn... but we are able to manage it very well. We are a strong team. It definitely never gets boring and it ensures the right chemistry.

What unites us, is the belief in simple human truths.
We create strong identities based on strategic insights and transform them into effective and dazzlingly beautiful designs.

It's always a fun and exciting challenge. You must understand that we have the best job in the world and that we love what we do. 

We are located in The Hague and have various international contacts. We would love to service you anywhere around the globe.


Because identity is everything!
It can create a strong message for all types of organizations, brands, people, and even an entire society.

In order to achieve those values, we are convinced that a brand or identity must be credible, relevant, distinctive, effective, tailor-made, inspiring and seductive.
 Does your identity match these traits?

We believe that we can set your brand, identity or product in motion by sending it out into the world at its best. So that it opens people's eyes and really stands out compared to others. Your brand will become the talk of the town.
We do this by looking deeper and ultimately delivering more.
We service both large international clients and small local start-ups.


The solution might be a step further than the obvious.
You always get what you ask for, but we might also surprise you.

With a good dose of creativity, our trained eye, and experience, we always bring a brief to the next level and therefore bring you an even better solution. 

We test everything we do with our well-known set of design tools. Want to know more about them? Come by and we’ll explain. And also get to know our team. We always like a good conversation.

Mountain Tools

Mountain Notes

How do you develop and manage the identity of organizations and organizational brands in a modern way in relation to vision, mission, brand management, design management and communication management?
Stimulated by examples in practice, we, at Mountain, went looking for answers and came to a number of interesting insights. 

If you would like to know more about our reflection on the new corporate cachet of the 21st century, please contact Rik Keessen via email rik@mountain.nl or mobile +31 (0)6 538 151 12.